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Marana Olympus

AMHA #181412, CMHA #16308
'10 GREY PERLINO (Ee Aa Cr/Cr Gg), 15hh
(Dahlonega Dillon x FPS Frosted Creme Brulee)

  • Extremely Rare Colored (only known in the Morgan breed)
  • 100% Color Producer PLUS 50% GREY Producer
  • Started under saddle
  • 2016 grey dunskin son in Austria
  • 2017 grey buckskin daughter born in the United Kingdom; now resides in Austria

Marana Olympus

GREY Perlino (Ee Aa Cr/Cr Gg) - August 11, 2015 (5 year old photo shown)

Dahlonega Dillon

Buttermilk Buckskin

Shagwood Shininghero

Windlord Ethan Allen

Meredith Twilight

Tia Marietta

Shagwood Sleepy Anne

Tess' Sleepy Shadow

Peterson's Flamingo

Aranaway Jennifer

Waer's Cavalier

Waer's Don Juan

Waer's Kitty Hawk

Arana Doll

Arana Field

Sonoma's China Doll

FPS Frosted Creme Brulee

RARE (one of few) Grey Palomino

Fayre Owen


CW's Sterling Silver


Hy-Crest Satina

Etoile De Fayre

Aire Of Fayre

Morgan Montcori Lass

Amberfields Carmel Mist

Amberfields Desperardo

Springtown Champagne

Andrews Misty Dream

Blase Misty

Equinox Andee

Westcrest Insignia

Marana Trinity's Kingdun


CMHA #17335
'14 DUNSKIN (EE Aa n/Cr DD), 15+hh at maturity
(Mirabellas Mondo x Trust-T Honey-D)

  • Extremely Rare Colored (only known in the Morgan breed)
  • Produces 100% DUN every time!
  • Homozygous black along with the cream gene!
  • Started under saddle

The arrival of Trinity witnesses to God's understanding of some of our greatest desires. Named after the Holy Trinity with a clever twist to represent Trinity's three one-of-a-kind color genetics in one horse. Trinity was named before the coat color results were in showing how His spirit can lead a person. To God Be The Glory! We look forward to watching Trinity mature.  

Marana Trinity's Kingdun


Dunskin (EE Aa N/Cr DD) - September 13, 2015 (Yearling photo shown)

Mirabellas Mondo

Zebra Dun, 3 year old photo shown

RCK Ragtime Tres Oros

Dunskin (EE Aa N/Cr Dd)

Robbi-Sue's Success Story

In-Glen Elation

Robbi Sue's Mystique

Rustic V Sweet Dreams

Flaxen, well trained (children's lesson horse)

Maple Blaze

Show Time

Maple Della

River Downs Pearl

Caduceus Falcon


Trust-T Honey-D


Dunskin mare (Ee Aa N/Cr Dd), shown with Marana Trinity's Kingdun at side

Ragtime Dun D


Ragtime Voodoo Magic

Chat's Hot Stuff

Royal-T Lady Kitrina

Brownstone Sierra's Muse

Palomino, well trained (child's mount)

Northerly Diamond Don

Bird's Bit O Honey

Cougar Ridge B-Marie

Lenawee Oddessy

Lenawee Madonna

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