Our Beginning

In 1984 my father (John Leskosky Sr.) purchased the bay Morgan stallion - JMF Northern Star from a neighboring rancher. Northern Star sired a number of part-breds for us. Ten years later, in 1994 I made the move to purebred Morgans and DM Morgans was born.

Petanio Arr Pride (shown above and featured in our logo), a strongly line-bred Brunk and Old Government stallion purchased by myself in 1997 put DM Morgans on the international map. Besides Petanio's sporty size of 16.2hh, this gentle giant's pedigree is one rarely seen in today's Morgans. It reads like the who's who of Morgans with Stellar, Linsley, Romanesque, Jubilee King and Go Hawk (to name just a few) that appear on his registration papers.

Petanio's get can be found across North America and into Italy. We doubt there will ever be another stallion like Petanio. Owning him was a true blessing. Petanio was a sire for all reasons and will forever remain our cornerstone.

Our first export was in 1997 with DM Hawks Flying High who was shipped to New York. We imported The American Patriot from Arkansas in 2000. Since then we have exported and imported a great number of Morgans.

In 2004 DM Morgans moved to its current home, the Picture Butte, Alberta dairy farm known as Woolywind - owned and operated by my husband Bernard. I can't begin to thank Bernie enough for his sincere interest, care and handling of the horses. No decision is made without Bernie's input.

2007 marked a new era for DM with the additional prefix purchase of Marana, a mother - daughter name combination. Starting in 2008, horses born will be registered with this prefix only. Among the 2007 highlights was the birth of Canada's first verified dunskin filly born here - DM Aimee Farrah. We also imported the exotic and rare colors of grey and dun. 

Marana Farms has made Morgan horse history with the 2010 birth of Marana Olympus, the breed's only known grey perlino!

Marana Farms makes Morgan history AGAIN in 2012! Marana Macey is the breed's first known homozygous dun filly! 

With the grace of God, Marana Farms makes Morgan history with the 2014 birth of Marana Trinity's Kingdun. The breed's only known dunskin breeding stallion that is homozygous black AND homozygous dun (EE Aa N/Cr DD). 

As of April 1996 we've bred 123 purebred Morgan foals. We've exported 72 Morgans since 1997 - 21 of which were expectant Mothers. And since 1999 we've imported 26 Morgans. We're proud of our accomplishments and look forward to adding to these numbers!

Since 2008 - 36 Morgans carry the Marana prefix with more to come. Although we proudly own the DM prefix, we no longer register with it. 

2016 marked our first overseas sales - two mares confirmed in-foal to the United Kingdom and two mares and a stallion prospect to Austria.

May 2017, Marana Providence Dunna foals the first GREY buckskin Morgan in the United Kingdom sired by Marana Olympus. This filly represents three generations of our breeding on her dam's side. She now resides in Austria.   

We have exported Morgans to the following states (* indicates multiple sales) - *AK, *CA, *CO, *CT, DE, *FL, GA,  IA, IL, *KY, MA, MI, *MO, *MT, NH, ND, NJ, *NY, *OH, *OR, TN, *UT, *VA, VT, *WA and *WI. In Canada; *AB, *BC, NB, SK, *ON and *QC.  

We have imported from (* indicates multiple purchases) - AL, *AR, *CA, *CO, *ID, *IL, ME, *MN, MT, NC, NE, *NJ, NY, OR and *VA. The majority of our herd are American or have American parents.  

Members of the Canadian Morgan Horse Association. Our Morgans are dual registered with the American Morgan Horse Association.