Ltds Eagles Painted Feather

32" AMHA/R '12 bay tovero sabino mare with blue eyes
(LTD's White Eagle x Shredders Hired Girl)

  • Imported from Missouri, USA
  • Parent Qualified 

Wildberry Passion

31" AMHA/R '14 dunskin pinto mare
(Hot Waters Show Stopper x Tailwinds Miss Sherezade)

  • Parent Qualified

Wildberry Bernadine

AMHA/R '22 buckskin tovero mare with blue eyes
(Rivendells Knights Painted Moon x Wildberry Passion)

Bernadine was positioned front leg / shoulder back in-utero. I was unable to reach the leg. My husband who is skilled at assisting with birthing wasn't able to reach it either. Little by little he helped Passion to give birth. I was positive the foal had expired. Bernie gently massaged and whispered to the foal. The foal responded and the rest is history! Bernadine is named after her hero. 

Bernadine is truly a love. Her favorite things are hugs and kiss ❌⭕ We are not in the habit of retaining foals, but after such a miraculous entry, resulting in a perfect filly we simply can't bring ourselves to part with Bernadine. 

  • Parent Qualified

Wildberry Mi Amor