Experienced exporters of both Wildberry and Kickass Miniatures (*CA, *MT, *NC, *OH, TX, *UT and *WA).

Our Wildberry Miniatures can also be found in *New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  

We have imported 9 miniatures from the following states  ID, *MO, *MT, ND and *OH.
*indicates multiple purchases & sales

After 14 years of breeding A/R miniature horses, we have decided to disperse the last of our remaining select herd.
If you are looking to add well bred - rarely colored genetics to your program then we are your farm.
All are A/R registered, PQ, coat color tested and breeding proven. 
This is not a fire sale nor a bargain store deal. Members of our family are torn about dispersing.
We have considerable funds and time invested in our miniatures having imported from faraway places.  
DVM pre-purchase exams (at buyer's expense) and pregnancy ultra-sounds available.
Experienced exporters worldwide!

Entertaining serious inquiries from reputable individuals only.
Contact us via phone, FB message, email or website contact form.    

~ Sells as a breeding package only
Rivendells Knights Painted Moon - 32" 2008 Black Tovero Stallion 
LTDS Eagles Painted Feather - 32" 2012 Bay Tovero Mare 
Wildberry Passion - 31" 2014 Dunskin Pinto Mare

Squires Montana You Betcha - 33" 2011 Black Tovero Mare SOLD
Fikes Psyched Up Lexus - 31.75" 2012 Smoky Grulla Mare SOLD
Wildberry Marteeny - 31.5" 2014 Red Dun Mare SOLD