Experienced exporters of both Wildberry and Kickass Miniatures (*CA, *IN, *MT, *NC, *OH, TX, *UT and *WA).

Our Wildberry Miniatures can also be found in *New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  

We have imported 9 miniatures from the following states  ID, *MO, *MT, ND and *OH.
*indicates multiple purchases & sales

After 14 years of breeding A/R miniature horses, we have decided to disperse the last of our remaining select herd.
If you are looking to add well bred - rarely colored genetics to your program then we are your farm.
All are A/R registered, PQ, coat color tested and breeding proven. 
This is not a fire sale nor a bargain store deal as we are torn about dispersing.
We have considerable funds and time invested in our miniatures having imported from faraway places.  
DVM pre-purchase exams available (at buyer's expense).
Experienced exporters worldwide!

Entertaining serious inquiries from reputable individuals only.
Contact us via phone, FB message, email or website contact form.
All horses can be seen on the stallion and mare pages.    

~ Sells as a package only (will not separate) ~ 
Rivendells Knights Painted Moon - 32" 2008 Black Tovero Stallion 
LTDS Eagles Painted Feather - 32" 2012 Bay Tovero Mare, in-foal for 2021   
Wildberry Passion - 31" 2014 Dunskin Pinto Mare