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Our Wildberry Miniatures can also be found in *New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  

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We have semi-dispersed our Kickass and Wildberry breeding programs. That said, we have retained a specialty herd that are champions in their own right. They are well bred, conformationally correct, have A+ dispositions, are exotic colored and out produce themselves. They truly carry a piece of our hearts. 

For Sale

Marana Indigo

Born Monday, May 15, 2023
(Roseridge Blue Intrigue x Marana Lavender) 

  • AMHA / CMHA Morgan stallion prospect
  • heterozygous bay splash colt 

Indigo has show stopper good looks. His up-headed carriage and correct conformation leave his visitors breathless. What a colt! Indigo is full of possibilities and potential. Show - breeding - pleasure - athletic, he's all those things and more. Maturing 14.3-15hh, this colt comes transferred into the buyer's name, current on healthcare and with export paperwork (if needed). Halter / tie and / loading trained. Weaned and ready for a new home. For additional details, please contact us. 

Will be gelded early April 2024, until then available as a stallion prospect.