Experienced exporters including overseas of Wildberry and Kickass Miniatures to
*CA, FL, *IN, *MT, *NC, *OH, TX, *UT, *WA and *GERMANY.

Our Wildberry Miniatures can also be found in *New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  

We have imported miniatures from the following states  ID, *MO, *MT, ND, *OH and *TN.
*indicates multiple purchases & sales

We have semi-dispersed our Kickass and Wildberry breeding programs. That said, we have retained a specialty herd that are champions in their own right. They are well bred, conformationally correct, have A+ dispositions, are exotic colored and out produce themselves. They truly carry a piece of our hearts. 

LTDs Eagles Painted Feather - 32" AMHA/R '12 bay tovero sabino mare with blue eyes
(LTD's White Eagle x Shredders Hired Girl)

  • Imported from Missouri, USA
  • Parent Qualified  

Feather has been a wonderful producing mare. We are actively looking for a semi-retirement home for her. She would love her own person or family. Use her for driving, farm visits, the occasion foal, etc. AMHA / AMHR parent qualified and coat color tested. Produces better than herself. Price includes signed transfers. Famous Magic Man pedigree. $750 to an approved home