Experienced exporters including overseas of Wildberry and Kickass Miniatures to
*CA, *IN, *MT, *NC, *OH, TX, *UT, *WA and *GERMANY.

Our Wildberry Miniatures can also be found in *New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  

We have imported miniatures from the following states  ID, *MO, *MT, ND, *OH and *TN.
*indicates multiple purchases & sales

We have semi-dispersed our Kickass and Wildberry breeding programs. That said, we have retained a specialty herd that are champions in their own right. They are well bred, conformationally correct, have A+ dispositions, are exotic colored and out produce themselves. We have never been in the business of overbreeding. Our mating is done with vision and focus. All foals are well handled and the majority of our buyers are repeat customers. They know a good thing when they see it! For additional information on pending foals, please feel free to contact us.