Wildberry & Kickass Miniatures

When it became apparent that our daughter had a natural interest in horses from early on, we fostered that interest safely with child size horses thus Wildberry Miniatures was born! Our selection adheres to four standards: 1. size (miniature preference of 32" & under), 2. correctness, 3. personable dispositions and 4. cool colors.

In 2013 we purchased our first CDMA miniature donkeys. And born is Kickass Miniature Donkeys!

Members of the American Miniature Horse Association, American Miniature Horse Registry and Canadian Donkey & Mule Association.  

Experienced exporters of both Wildberry and Kickass Miniatures (CA, OH, TX, UT and WA). 

We have imported 8 miniatures from the following states  ID, *MO, *MT, ND, and OH.
*indicates multiple purchases

We have two expectations of our Miniatures ~ they must be lovable and huggable.  

Wildberry & Kickass News

Foaling 2018 is DONE!

Last foal of the season, an overo colt born June 18!

Chestnut pinto filly born May 24!

Adorable chestnut colt born May 15th! 

A blue eyed overo colt has arrived! 

1st miniature donkey of the season has arrived; a jack foal! 


PLEASE NOTE: To enlarge photos simply click on them.

Rivendells Knights Painted Moon

32" AMHA/R '08 OVERO pinto sabino stallion
(RFM Dark Knights Nobility x Kickapoos Ive Been Mooned)

*Imported from Montana, USA

Storybrookes Smokey Eye Bandit

AMHA/R '17 homozygous black GRULLO and splashed white stallion
(Olive Branchs Barons Heir Apparent x RFM Thunders Zygris)

  • *Imported from Montana, USA 


Squires Montana You Betcha

33" AMHA/R '11 OVERO pinto sabino mare
(Big Sky Hearts On Fire x Lucky Harts Galloway Gal)

*Imported from Montana, USA

Wildberry Anniversary

32.5" AMHA '11 bay DUN roan mare
(Tamaracs Blues Golden Banner x 6 Packs Limited Edition)

Fikes Psyched Up Lexus

31.75" AMHA/R '12 GRULLA mare
(Little Kings Psych Me Up x CCF Major Buck Silk N Satin)

*Imported from North Dakota, USA 

Ltds Eagles Painted Feather

32" AMHA/R '12 OVERO pinto sabino mare
(LTD's White Eagle x Shredders Hired Girl)

*Imported from Missouri, USA

Wildberry Marteeny

AMHA '14 red DUN mare
(Misty Moon Bishops Limited Edition x Wildberry Smoothie)

Wildberry Passion

31" AMHA/R '14 DUNSKIN pinto mare
(Hot Waters Show Stopper x Tailwinds Miss Sherezade)

Mountain Sides Snow White

33.25" AMHA/R '15 silver OVERO pinto mare
(Hale Farms Show Me Moola For Hula x Millers Framed By Fame) 

Wildberry Annabelle

AMHA '17 red DUN pinto filly
(Rivendells Knights Painted Moon x Wildberry Anniversary) 


Misty Meadow Master Rhett

32" CDJA / MDR '04 homozygous red (ed/ed) jack
(Lazy N Nehemiah x Rearview's Miss Scarlet)

*Imported from California, USA 

LL Jazmine

32" CDJE '06 grey (red carrier Ed/ed) jennet 
(Circle C Legend x ENE Cactus Flower)

Hooves Etc. Chanel

32" CDJE '10 grey (red carrier Ed/ed) jennet
(MGF RJ x LL Jazmine)

L'Lass Angelique

32.5" CDJE '12 homozygous red (ed/ed) jennet
(Hooves Etc. Rascal x Hooves Etc. Veronique)

Kickass Wilhelmina

CDJE '14 dark grey jennet
(Circle C Burberry x LL Jazmine)

Kickass Beatrice

CDJE '17 light grey (red carrier Ed/ed) jennet
(Misty Meadow Master Rhett x Kickass Wilhelmina)